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About the project, the path and the OCSG

The Omokoroa Community Skate Group (OCSG) has been established by local residents to help with the creation of an environmentally sustainable skate facility for our community (in partnership with Western Bay of Plenty District Council).

As well as providing a destination for skaters and riders of other disciplines, our vision is to create a skate facility that will enhance recreational opportunities, is family focused and will contribute to the already beautiful environment of Omokoroa.


About the Skate Path

Rather than building a traditional skate park,  children of Omokoroa suggested, that as part of the redevelopment of the Western Ave Sports Grounds, the Western Bay District Council look at a skate path as part of the overall project.

With the Western Ave location home to many large trees, and being part of a beautiful green area that is enjoyed by many, a path, when complimented by a large playground area (which will follow in the second stage of development in this area) will provide a unique skate area for the local community.

The design we have commissioned has been designed to offer a challenging, yet modest neighbourhood skate facility,  as well as an being aesthetically pleasing addition to the Western Ave park and the wider Omokoroa area.

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